Advanced Health Care Aide Program in Edmonton and Calgary

Start working as a Health Care Aide in as little 16 weeks!

MaKami College offers the most Advanced Health Care Aide Program in Alberta, with the highest level of practical training and GUARANTEED PRACTICUM PLACEMENT so you can get a job as a Health Care Aide immediately and earn as much as $25 an hour!


At MaKami, you'll learn from the most knowledgeable staff in the health care industry, including doctors and Licensed Practical Nurses, and you will get the hands-on training you need to feel confident on your first day on the job as a Health Care Aide.


We are now accepting students from across Alberta, Canada and internationally.

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MaKami College’s Health Care Aide Program offers a cutting edge iPad-based curriculum with realistic, interactive graphics to help you fully understand how the body works. With the iPad you have the ability to translate documents into multiple languages, so even if English is not your first language you still have the potential to be successful!


At MaKami, you get the assistance required to help you be successful in your career. We have experienced and knowledgeable staff who have worked as medical professionals in the field, such as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). They have the ability to provide the hands-on training students need to enter confidently into the Health Care Aide field.


MaKami’s Strategic Academic Learning team removes obstacles that may prevent students from being successful. Some of their services include customized learning plans, free ESL assistance and general tutoring, one-on-one help and even multi-lingual student advisors and tutors if required.

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MaKami’s customized learning plans really make the difference in our student's lives, and our emphasis on practical experience is exceptional. We provide 700 hours of supervised practical experience, the highest practicum hours available in the industry. Students will get the chance to work in a variety of settings to expand their knowledge and experience, and we even offer assistance with resumé writing and GUARANTEED JOB PRACTICUMS, so you can get the real-life experience needed to succeed after graduation.


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Right now there is a huge demand for health care aides in Alberta, due to the growth in an aging population.  

Health Care Aides, also known as personal care assistants, caregivers or medical assistants, can work in hospitals, supportive care facilities, and assisted living housing facilities, providing important assistance to a wide variety of patients including the elderly, injured or disabled persons who require support and care.

Healthcare Aide Jobs in Edmonton and Calgary

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“When I graduated from the MaKami Health Care Aide program I found a job in my field right away, and I felt confident knowing I had some of the best training available in Alberta.”

Gershom Benbow

Apply for the MaKami College Filipino Canadian Heritage Scholarship or the new Financial Aid Scholarship!

If you are a Filipino Albertan apply for scholarships ranging from $1000 to $5000 to put towards the Healthcare Aide program at MaKami College.

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Introducing the new MaKami College Financial Aid Scholarship. Available to any adult over 18 years old living in the province of Alberta who is in need of financial aid to attend school due to financial hardship or low income.

 The awarded scholarship amounts will range between $1,000 to $5,000 per chosen recipient, with the scholarship amount going towards the student's education at MaKami College for any available program in either Edmonton or Calgary.

Learn more here or apply below.

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